Supercharge Your Energy! Improve your Mood!
"Crystal healing is part of my daily health regimen. My experience with the Minerals and Precious Stones - Scalar Light protocol is the most powerful method of receiving crystal energy"  - Wendy Morrison 

Scalar Light is a groundbreaking remote process to energetically "broadcast" the intelligence of over 60 vital minerals to each cell of your body.  Using light-energy, Scalar Light will impart the essence and wisdom of precious and semi-precious stones. Enjoy the benefits of minerals from pristine glaciers.  DELIVERED ENERGETICALLY -    Privacy and terms
Scalar Light Minerals and Precious Stones 30-Day Trial offer.
  • No Cost - No Obligation Trial
  • Remote easy and safe
  • Improve sleep, mood and, energy
  •  Immune enhancing
  • Super simple remote process - Simply upload a photo
It's super simple!
Just follow these steps:

1) Click to start trial.
2) You will need to enter you email address and first name.
3) Upload a facial photo to identify aura.
Then wait for our photo accepted email!

Then, you can just enjoy how you feel for 30-Days continuously. 

Yes, I want to feel better NOW!